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    Guangdong Green Garden Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2000,Mainly engaged in environmental protection equipment manufacturing,Design, installation, commissioning and operation management of environmental engineering such as wastewater, waste gas treatment and water supply purification,Environmental protection technology consulting and other services,It is recognized by relevant departments as the backbone enterprise of environmental protection industry in Guangdong Province and the national high-tech enterprise。The company has undertaken more than 1000 waste water and waste gas treatment projects in eastern Guangdong, western Fujian, southern Jiangxi and other regions, involving industries including electroplating, printing and dyeing, textile, chemical, paper making, pharmaceutical, food, cement, steelmaking, catering and hospital industrial waste water and waste water and domestic sewage industries, etc., which are well received by local environmental protection departments and users。

    The company has the following qualifications:1. Guangdong Province Environmental Pollution Control Qualification Industry Certification (Wastewater Class A, waste gas Class A, pollution remediation Class B)2. Construction Enterprise Qualification Certificate......

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Good news | Our company once again won the
Recently, our company once again won the "high-tech enterprise" certificate! The certificate is jointly issued by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, the Department of Finance of Guangdong Province, and the Guangdong Tax Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation。Since 2011, our company has won the title of "high-tech Enterprise" for many times。
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Main business
To provide comprehensive water environment management industry chain products and services

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